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Elaine Hancock on Amorgos 78
A beautiful view. The landscape is lovely!

Existence Artistique on Amorgos 78
belle lumière

Devi on Amorgos 78
wonderful spot here !!!

Wayra on Amorgos 78
Amazing landscape!

omid on Amorgos 78
Lovely lighting!

Marie on Amorgos 78
Just a superb light

Hiro on Amorgos 78
very nice view

Anne on Amorgos 78
Jolie lumière.

Existence Artistique on Amorgos 77

Hiro on Amorgos 77
interesting shape !

omid on Amorgos 77
such beautiful composition & lights! Amazing silhouettes!

Devi on Amorgos 76
wonderful capture... There is a tiny hole in one of those poles too!!!!

Existence Artistique on Amorgos 76

Hiro on Amorgos 76
Nice backlit shot

omid on Amorgos 76
such beautiful composition & lights! Lovely silhouettes!

omid on Amorgos 75
:) Amazing !!!!!

Nicou on Amorgos 75
Ils se tiennent tous la main sur ce dessin sur ce mur quelle vue Belle soirée

Devi on Amorgos 75
Aw!! Feel sorry for him.. Great capture here !

Existence Artistique on Amorgos 75
belle capture

Jean-Luc.M on Amorgos 73
A soft light ! Nice picture.

Nicou on Amorgos 74
Quels murs et iamge quel dessin et les animaux sueprbe. amitié

mohammad on Amorgos 73
A convent with a strange and incredible structure, Thanks for taking the time to share it. Dear Dimitrios.

Marjolein on Amorgos 74
Good view

omid on Amorgos 74
Amazing view.

Devi on Amorgos 74
wonderful to see fresh green leaves in the foreground !!!

Existence Artistique on Amorgos 74
intéressant travail

Elaine Hancock on Amorgos 73
This is just beautiful. I love white building against the blue sky and the shadow on the building.

Rick on Amorgos 73
Beautiful light and shadow on this handsome structure.

Denny Jump on Amorgos 73
Wonderful scene...

Willem on Amorgos 73
Chapel with three crosses, beautiful picture,

Steven on Amorgos 73
Beautiful light that bathes this chapel in warmth!!

Sam on Amorgos 73
Beautiful church. Lovely light and shadows. :)

Sam on Amorgos 72
Wonderful colours and light. A fine shot. Lovely. :)

Don on Amorgos 73
The sun lighted bell tower is very attractive. A fine picture.

Nicou on Amorgos 73
Superbe chapelle et tonalité Amitié

omid on Amorgos 73
such beautiful colors, lights & textures! Lovely shadows.

Existence Artistique on Amorgos 73
belle recherche

Jypyä Pop on Amorgos 73
A beautiful little church.

Irene on Amorgos 72
Nice colors here.

Elaine Hancock on Amorgos 72
The blue really stands out nicely. I love the light and shadow. Lovely colors!

omid on Amorgos 72
such beautiful frame, colors & lights!

rbassin on Amorgos 72

Claudiel on Amorgos 72
Nice shot

Devi on Amorgos 72
great framing...lovely light and colours :)))

Mhelene on Amorgos 72
Superb framing with light and colors !

Nicou on Amorgos 72
Superbe angle et armature de pergola avec la végétation et ce murt Belle journée

Steven on Amorgos 72
A lovely flowering vine captured here!!

Rick on Amorgos 72
This blue highlight is wonderful in the midst of all the details.

Jypyä Pop on Amorgos 72

Marjolein on Amorgos 72
That blue is already pretty overgrown !

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