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omid on Amorgos 27
Amazing view!

Existence Artistique on Amorgos 27
belle vue

Ana Lúcia on Amorgos 27
This is a stunning landscape. Nice work.

Irene on Amorgos 26
Nice warm feeling.

Existence Artistique on Amorgos 26
bien ces bougies

omid on Amorgos 26
such beautiful composition & lights! Lovely!

farNaaz50 on Amorgos 26
Kind atmosphere and kind words ..

Nicou on Amorgos 25
Ces lustre ces bougies quels vue et personnages belle soirée

Elaine Hancock on Amorgos 25
This is just beautiful! I love the atmosphere!

Existence Artistique on Amorgos 25
belle prise

jpla on Amorgos 25
belle prise au smartphone JP

Hiro on Amorgos 25
wonderful atmosphere

omid on Amorgos 25
such beautiful composition, colors & lights! Lovely!

Gérard on Amorgos 25
Superb mood inside !

Adela Fonts on Amorgos 24
I do not understand what is written, but I like the relief elements. I'm with you.

Nicou on Amorgos 24
Cette inscription cette plante quelle vue sueprbe. amitié

rbassin on Amorgos 23
une belle composition

: Helen : on Amorgos 24
So old, I do hope the words were wise.

omid on Amorgos 24
Amazing details!

Nelida De La Fuente on Amorgos 24
Importante prestar ayuda... Interesante foto... Saludos.

Existence Artistique on Amorgos 24

Nicou on Amorgos 23
Cette église blanche qui ressrot de cet environnement fantastique vue. amitié

Aly on Amorgos 23
A very beautiful view.....

omid on Amorgos 23
Amazing view !!!

Irene on Amorgos 23
Beautiful scene.

Devi on Amorgos 23
wonderful pristine architecture here !!!!

Existence Artistique on Amorgos 23
superbe recherche

Irene on Amorgos 22
Beautiful !

Steven on Amorgos 22
Beautiful colors and light captured here!

omid on Amorgos 22
such beautiful focus, colors & lights! Lovely rose!

Nicou on Amorgos 22
Quelle rose quelle finesse et vue sueprbe iamge. amitié

Aly on Amorgos 22
A lovely lila rose :-)

Sam on Amorgos 22
Beautiful pink flower so nicely presented here. Lovely. :)

Devi on Amorgos 22
Lovely pink standing out surrounded by reds above !!!!

Martine Libouton on Amorgos 22
Une belle rose !

Existence Artistique on Amorgos 22

Denny Jump on Amorgos 20
Fabulous image! I agree with friend Gerard!! ;-)

Steve Rice on Amorgos 21
A fine peek into the kitchen.

Willem on Amorgos 21
Interesting view.

fateme@@ on Amorgos 20
I like his look.

Nicou on Amorgos 21
Quelle entrée et porte et ces personnage la belle lumière sueprbe. Un grand merci et belle soirée

Existence Artistique on Amorgos 21
bien ouvert

Devi on Amorgos 21
Are they entering a shop or museum ? I wonder ! Nice inviting image :)

Gemma Wiseman on Amorgos 21
The image suggests to keep the door open...Lovely thought...

omid on Amorgos 21
such beautiful frame, colors, lights & textures!

Harry on Amorgos 20
he looks like he is making sure everyone clears their plates

Hiro on Amorgos 20
nice capture

Irene on Amorgos 20
Nice setting.

Michael Rawluk on Amorgos 20
That is really nicely composed.

omid on Amorgos 19
Amazing view!

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