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Marjolein on ONE
What an old and beautiful road

omid on ONE
A M A Z I N G !

Existence Artistique on ONE
bien la colonne

Claudiel on ONE
Great reportage

Nicou on ONE
Une colonne en solitaire avec les autres en fond e pavage superbe Belle soirée Nicou

Shaun on ONE
You can only imagine what this looked like years ago. Excellent.

Devi on ONE
Lovely capture !! In its glorious days, a hall here would have looked terrific !!!

Ralf Kesper on ONE
Pretty one!

Hiro on open the gate!
Great view !

Willem on open the gate!
You can tell by the man that this is a very great gate, cool image.

Nicou on open the gate!
Ces trois arches d'entrée quelle vue et ciel au travers des arches Belle soirée

Ana Lúcia on open the gate!
A fine architectural shot.

Ralf Kesper on open the gate!
Really nice!

Devi on open the gate!
This is wonderful!! How sad that this is in ruins !! Have a nice weekend Dimitrios :)

Existence Artistique on open the gate!

Magda A.-Coulter on Gerassa, Jordan
Beautiful scene

Devi on Gerassa, Jordan
Beautiful image.. They seem to have copied the Greek Architecture !!! If my eyes are okay, that looks like Corinthian ...

Nicou on Gerassa, Jordan
Ce mur ces personnes et quel anciennes ruines excellent Belle journée Nicou

omid on Gerassa, Jordan
Amazing architecture.

Marjolein on Gerassa, Jordan
So special to be there

Marjolein on powerful
Indeed....not inviting ;-0

Ralf Kesper on Gerassa, Jordan
Nice ancient building.

Libouton Martine on Gerassa, Jordan
Une belle prise !

Existence Artistique on Gerassa, Jordan

Nicou on powerful
Comme cet édifice sort de terre rien autour excellente vue Belle soirée Nicou

Devi on powerful
Wow !! This is perhaps what is called as impregnable ! Great image :))))

Shaun on powerful
A very impressive fort. Great capture.

Lougris on powerful
comme émergé de terre , parfaitement en symbiose !!

Ralf Kesper on powerful
Effective defense architecture.

Ronnie 2¢ on powerful
Sure looks secure !

: Helen : on powerful
Wow! Travelling again D?

Existence Artistique on powerful

omid on Once upon a time
:) Amazing details!

omid on sandy

Claudiel on sandy
In the middle of nowhere. Au milieu de nulle part

Devi on sandy
Solid and beautiful !! Simple architecture but impressive ! Have a nice weekend Dimitrios :)

Nicou on sandy
que lpetit édifice comme perdu dans l'immensité amitié

Willem on sandy
Well photographed, nice detail: the truck.

Existence Artistique on sandy
bien intéressante architecture

Anne on sandy

Willem on Once upon a time
Cool image and title.

Lougris on Once upon a time
Les affres du temps sont passés dessus !!

Mhelene on Once upon a time
Superb framing ..."once upon a time " : did this nail try to come off by bending?

Existence Artistique on Once upon a time
bien cette courbe

Tede on Once upon a time
He must be retired, superb find !!!

Nicou on Once upon a time
un sacré clou et sa forme ronde quel rendu et main génail Belle soirée Nicou

Hiro on Once upon a time
It is not easy to drive this nail.

Devi on Once upon a time old rusty nail !! We name such finds as "Lucky.: Hope some lucky spell happened to you !

grouser on Once upon a time
you nailed it :)

Ralf Kesper on Once upon a time
Cool found with this wonderfuls abrassive rusty textures.

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