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the old timer....

Posted by
Dimitrios (ATHENS, Greece) on 17 August 2007 in Art & Design and Portfolio.

tic-tac, tic tac, time goes by, MAKE THE MOST OF IT AM3 BLOGGER, tic-tac, tic tac....

PENTAX Optio WPi 1/4 second F/3.3 ISO 320 38 mm (35mm equiv.)


MaryB from Staffordshire, United Kingdom

A great nostalgic shot, nice one Dimitrios :)
"time and tide wait for no man"

17 Aug 2007 6:36am

@MaryB: it so true about both of them! sometimes time passes so fast that you wonder what is happening, so lets make the most of it, SMILE

Inés from Namur, Belgium

J'adore ces vieux réveils qui rythment le temps avec des aires de tic tac bien sonores !

17 Aug 2007 7:09am

@Inés: merci bien, le tic-tac photographer

Shutterbug from Chennai, India

I so love this clock!

17 Aug 2007 7:53am

@Shutterbug: its a clock to be loved this one, cherish the time S, regards D

Evi from Athens, Greece

Can it bring the time back? 26 hours are enough :-(

17 Aug 2007 10:25am

@Evi: Evi hi, τι γίνεται με τις φωτιες στην περιοχή σου, ανυσυχώ, στήλε μου το τηλέφωνό σας με e.mail sto dvkenergy [AT] in [DOT] gr, na sas akousso, Be careful now, χαιρετίσματα Δημήτρης

Dhini from Dordrecht, Netherlands

Is the clock still working?

17 Aug 2007 11:33am

@Dhini: Oh yes, these fellas they never give up! regards D

Lorraine from Canada

This is amazing, I left a comment here and it flashed me back to yesterday's photo, I kid you not, what do you have a photoblog time machine? LOL
I said, I wouldn't want to go back to the past but I can bask right here...or something like that, check yesterday's LOL

17 Aug 2007 11:45am

@Lorraine: enjoy your weekend Lorraine, take care tic toc

eureka from Boston, United States

wow, what a beautiful clock. oh the nostalgia.

17 Aug 2007 11:54am

@eureka: have a great weekend eureka

Walt from Scarborough, Canada

Excellent macro - the thermometer provides a nice frame of reference...

17 Aug 2007 12:13pm

@Walt: thank you Walt

Helen from Melbourne, Australia

Nice shot Dimitrios. There are a quite a few 'old timers' floating around Am3.

17 Aug 2007 1:24pm

@Helen: hahahaha floating about e?, hahahaha

Wolfgang Prigge from Granby, Canada

Greetings to you, Timetraveller from Athens. I like the little reflexion on the glass, I reminds us that we have to watch our back, LOL.... I hope you are not too affected by the smoke from the forest fires around Athens.

17 Aug 2007 1:26pm

@Wolfgang Prigge: the fires... its the worst thing that happend this summer, we saw so many people loosing their homes, it was teribble! We ought to tace care more of our forests............

celialee from Kyoto, Japan

Love the clock! Enjoy the weekend!

17 Aug 2007 1:32pm

@celialee: all the best to you too

Evi from Athens, Greece

@Dimitrios: Να' σαι καλά Δημήτρη!

Η φωτιά έφθασε μέχρι και την Ν. Πεντέλη. Ούτε πολύ κοντά αλλά όμως και ούτε και πολύ μακρυά. Η ατμόσφαιρα ήταν πολύ αποπνικτική, άρρωστο φως, λες και ήταν δύση ηλίου, ο ήλιος πορτοκαλής κι αυτός, μαύρα σύννεφα και τριγύρω πέταγε σαν χιονάκι ψιλό στάχτη. Ζω εδω με τον άντρα μου από το 1996, αλλά ήταν η πρώτη φορά για μένα που ένοιωσα την απειλή της φωτιάς... Να φανταστείς, χθές πακετάραμε λίγα πράγματα...
Σήμερα πήρα από την απλώστρα 2 ρούχα και ήταν καλυμμένα από στάχτη.Ολη τη νύχτα σιγόκαιγαν εστίες υπο έλεγχο σε όλη την κορυφογραμμή της Πεντέλης, ευτυχώς υπήρχε ολη τη νύχτα ισχυρή πυροσβεστική δύναμη. Τα αεροπλάνα συνεχίζουν να πετάνε ρίψεις νερού, δεν πρέπει να έχει σβήσει εντελώς ακόμα. Αυτό που με ανησυχεί περισσότερο είναι οι αναζοπυρώσεις γιατί μου φαίνεται οτι σήμερα φυσάει πιο πολύ από χθές...
Πάντως σήμερα σέρνομαι, σηκώθηκα σχετικά αργά και παρόλ' αυτά νιώθω τόσο κουρασμένη....Ψυχολογικό....
Σ'ευχαριστώ πολύ Δημήτρη!!!!!!

17 Aug 2007 3:05pm

@Evi: Η φωτιά είναι τρομερό πράγμα. Η φετινή χρονιά από τις χειρότερες, τι να πώ; Οφείλουμε σαν κοινωνία να ΦΡΟΝΤΙΣΟΥΜΕ περισσότερο το περιβάλλον, δεν είναι δαπάνη είναι επενδυση ΖΩΗΣ, ΦΙΛΙΚΑ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ

Evi from Athens, Greece

@Dimitrios: Ξέχασα... Η φωτιά επίσης έφθασε και στα ανω Μελίσσια. Να δούμε πως θα'ναι ο φετινός χειμώνας.

17 Aug 2007 3:12pm

@Evi: Μακάρι, αλλα οι βροχές.... εύχομαι να μην έχετε προβλήματα, φιλικά Δημήτρης

Viewfinder from Bradenton, United States

Cool, you posted an old clock today; I posted an old thermometer. I really like this one.

17 Aug 2007 3:28pm

@Viewfinder: old meets old, good meeting, regards D

Oddiy from Paris, France

I really like the old clocks! And this one is impressive! Nice shot!

17 Aug 2007 4:47pm

@Oddiy: it is a beauty e? regards D

Olaide from fort collins, CO, USA, United States

how old is this clock? this will be a collector's asset. Nice job D.

17 Aug 2007 6:33pm

@Olaide: Well we had one similar in our house many decades ago, I estimate it to be 50-60 yeras old, regards D

Henri Rabagny from Paris, France

Is it for me? Because I'm very late in my posts? OK I hurry up!
I saw an other thing. This year in the half North of France we have a horrible weather this august and 19° C today! and I see back the clock you have 26° C... Can I come please?

17 Aug 2007 9:40pm

@Henri Rabagny: well Greece is experiencing hot weather yet, we are close to 30 C, so pack your swimming gear and splash in.

Bron from Canberra, Australia

Easy to waste - impossible to retrieve - but you're not wasting your time Dimitrios - taking fine photos!! :)

18 Aug 2007 1:49am

@Bron: Your words are ENCOURAGEMENT to my ears, kind regards D.

Alfredo J. Martiz J. from Tokyo, Japan

That is a really cool clock Dimitrios, awesome!

18 Aug 2007 10:44am

@Alfredo J. Martiz J.: I am glad that you liked it Alfredo, regards D

Raziel from Tehran, Iran

really old...really nice

18 Aug 2007 11:01am

@Raziel: Thank you Raziel

Erik from Hurdegaryp, Netherlands

Didn't know that such an old clock could make a good picture, I have a wooden one myself and you just gave me an idea for the end of this week!

21 Aug 2007 9:57pm

@Erik: clik-clic then, regards D

Andrew Gould from Sydney, Australia

Love the clock! There was probably something like this in our house when I was very young. Wish I had it now. So that's the first reason why this is so appealing -- nostalgia in this digital age. You have framed this well and it looks beautifully quaint. I think, though, that I'd have positioned it to avoid the reflection and moved the dark object on the lower right. I don't know where you took this, of course, and I guess it might not have been possible to allow for these things under the circumstances. Still a good one as it is, for sure.

22 Aug 2007 10:42pm

@Andrew Gould: thanks for your comments, it was in a house I rented it. Go on try to find one in an antique shop!

1/4 second
ISO 320
38 mm (35mm equiv.)