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  1. What is the archive page?
  2. What is the portfolio page?
  3. What is a Remix?
  4. Is there a limit on Remixes?
  5. How do I change the colors/fonts of my Aminus3 site?
  6. Can I customize the layout/template of my Aminus3 site?
  7. How do I change my email address?
  8. How do I change my password?
  9. Where I can I post annoucements or information on every post?
  10. Can I display links to other photography blogs or websites?
  11. Can I block images containing adult content?
  12. Why is my site "pending activation"?
  13. Will my account ever be deleted?
  14. Can I download / export my data to create a local backup?
  15. How do I cancel/remove my account?
  16. What is account suspension?

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What is the archive page?

The archive page contains a list of the recent images and comments on your Aminus3 account. In a sense, it's a quick summary of your Aminus3 activity. You can browse images by category & tag and you can search your images for specific keywords.

The archive page provides a few different views to search your images
Popular Tags - are a list of some of the most frequently used tags on your images
Photography Posts by Month - links to a page that lets you see all your photos posted in a given month
Photography Categories - allows you to view all images that are assigned to a given category (like Portraits)

Images that you have designated to be featured (using the Feature? option on on the image posting page) will be displayed along the left side of your archive page. You may feature one image per category.

For example - if you upload a People & Portrait photo on May 13 and set Featured to Yes, that thumbnail will appear on your archive page on the left side. On May 20, you upload a different People & Portrait photo and also set Featured to Yes, now the May 20 image will appear on your Archive page.

Normally you would probably not update featured images very often, maybe once a month only showcasing your best images.

What is the portfolio page?

The concept of a portfolio comes from the art world where an artist will typically select their best work for display (in a showroom, book, website, etc.) as a way to advertise the quality of their work. On Aminus3, the portfolio is used as a showcase of your best images.

During the image editing/uploading process there is a Portfolio? option that will allow you to specify which images should be displayed on your portfolio page.

For Basic Aminus3 users, you will only be able to display your most recent 50 photo in the portfolio with a small thumbnail layout.

For Aminus3 A+ Subscribers, you can display all your portfolio images, as well as display them using a larger image layout called Portfolio+.

Note there may occasionally be a delay from when you add/remove an image from the portfolio and when it appears. This could be related to caching issues either in your browser or on the server.

What is a Remix?

An Aminus3 Remix is a hand selected gallery of images created by you! As you browse photos on Aminus3, you can add them to a Remix. Organize images by any category or theme you choose.

Remix your own images, photos from other Aminus3 members, or a combination. Use it to feature your favorites, create custom categories, bookmark interesting shots, or just as a fun way to curate Aminus3 imagery.

Your collections are viewable by everyone on your personal Remix page.

If one of your images has been featured in a Remix, you can see this by going to the bottom of the image blog page, and clicking the Remix bar under the comment section. Here you can see all the Remix collections which feature your image.

You can also see all of your images which have been featured by other Aminus3 members in your Admin Remix Settings.

Is there a limit on Remixes?

For basic subscribers, there is a limit of only 10 Remix galleries, and are limited to 45 total images per Remix.

For A+ Members, there is no limit to the number of Remixes you can have or the number of images in the Remix gallery.

A+ members can also select the Portfolio+ template which show remix photos in a stylish larger image display.

How do I change the colors/fonts of my Aminus3 site?

You can select your Aminus3 site's color scheme, base font and title font on your account settings page. There are a number of choices for each option and we encourage you to experiment until you find the right look for your site. Note that the text colors are determined by each unique theme and cannot be changed independently of the theme.

Can I customize the layout/template of my Aminus3 site?

At the moment, the only way to customize the look of your Aminus3 site is by changing the color scheme or fonts (see help topic above).

How do I change my email address?

Navigate to your account email/password page, enter your new email address and click the button to submit the change. Keep in mind that the next time you sign in to your Am3 account, you'll need to enter your new email address.

How do I change my password?

Same as changing your email address, navigate to your account email/password page, enter your new password, confirm your password and submit the change. Remember: next time you sign in to your Aminus3 account, you'll need to enter your new password.

Where I can I post annoucements or information on every post?

The announcement area can be used to write text that appears under your photo description on every post. You can write any information here you choose such as copyright, links to your other websites or recommended photographers, promotions for your photography or other messages.

To update the text in your announcement, go to your account profile.

Note that the announcement text is currently limited to 1000 characters or less.

Can I display links to other photography blogs or websites?

You can post links to other sites in several places including your about page, your announcement text in comments and in your own photo descriptions. You can edit the content of your about page and your annoucements on your account profile page. View the help topic on creating links for instructions on how to format links into your descriptions.

Can I block images containing adult content?

Yes you can. On your account settings page, select Yes for the option "Hide images (posted by other members) that contain adult content?" and save your changes.

If you choose to block these images, you will see a circle with a line through it as a the thumbnail for any images tagged for adult content on all Aminus3 public pages.

Please note that it is the responsibility of each member to designate whether their images contain adult content. If you find an image containing adult content that isn't marked as such, please contact support to investigate.

Why is my site "pending activation"?

All new Aminus3 members go through a brief trial period before their account becomes officially activated. This trial period is used to determine whether you are a genuine user and not someone with the intention to abuse the Aminus3 system or violate the Terms of Service.

During this temporary trial period your images will not display on the daily community page (or in any other community pages) and your site will not appear in the list of new members. Even though these restrictions are in place, we encourage you to post photos and comments as you would normally. Your site is available to anyone on the web, so feel free to send the link to friends and family.

Please read and respect our Community Guidelines. Aminus3 is a service for photographers to post their own original images. If you are posting copyrighted images, using Aminus3 as an SEO landing page billboard, or violating our guidelines, your account will not be activated and may be closed without notice.

Activation is performed by Aminus3 Administrators and usually occurs after you have uploaded a few photos. If you have been posting images consistently for more than a week and your site is still not activated, please contact technical support.

Will my account ever be deleted?

If you do not post your first image within 30 days, your account may be removed.

If you sign up for and only post a few images and your account is not activated, it may also be closed after 30 days.

Once your account has been activated (see above) your account will not normally be deleted provided that you do not violate the Aminus3 Terms of Service.

Can I download / export my data to create a local backup?

It is possible to export some data from your Aminus3 account including:
- all comments on your photos
- all comments you make on others photos
- all image metadata
- image files (images are not full sized backups)

Data export is only available for active A+ Subscribers.

You can export your comment data by clicking the Export link at the top of the comments page. To export image metadata which includes the image date, title, description text etc, go to the image upload page and click the link Export All Image Metadata at the bottom of the page.

Exported data will be saved as a text CSV file which can be imported into a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel.

To download images, please send a request by email to Aminus3 support and we will create a downloadable link within 7 days of receiving your mail.

Please note that we do not save full sized versions of your photos on Aminus3 and downloaded images may not be indexed by the date they were posted to your Aminus3 website.

How do I cancel/remove my account?

Time to move on? Not a problem.

Navigate to your account email/password page, and click on the "Remove my Aminus3 account..." link. A confirmation email will be sent to you with instructions on how to proceed. Please be aware that removing your account is permanent and cannot be undone.

We are always trying to improve the Aminus3 experience. Any information you could provide as to why you've decided to leave would be very much appreciated.

What is account suspension?

When a registered user of Aminus3 is found to be in violation of the Terms of Service or Community Guidelines, and at the discretion of the Aminus3 administration based on the severity of the violation, that member's site may be suspended.

A suspended account means that the member's page/URL will no longer display any images or comments and will redirect to a central page which states that the user is in violation of the terms of service. Users who are suspended will not be able to view or comment on other Aminus3 member pages. Based on the severity of violation, and in a similar way that we treat spam and other abusive sources, other measures may be taken by this site towards the individual to prevent further access.

If the suspended user is a paying A+ member, any remaining funds (in USD), pro-rated from the date of suspension to the date of subscription expiration, will be eligible for a refund within 30 days to be payable via the PayPal payment service. Note that a valid PayPal email address is required in order to process the refund.

If an account has been suspended, it may be possible to appeal the decision on a case by case basis or by taking a specific action such as removing offensive content. Otherwise, suspended accounts may be permanently removed at any time and all images and content associated with that account will be removed as well.


Need further assistance? Contact technical support and we'll do our best to answer any questions you may have.